September 16, 2013


How Natural Are The “Natural” Cosmetic Products We Use?


After reading about some of the horrible side effects of the commonly used cosmetic additives and preservatives, such as parabens and glycols, I have been slowly transitioning from products made by Crest, Olay and L’Oreal to products of companies such as Burt’s Bees, Alba Botanica and Earth Science and others like it. I thought I was doing my family and myself a favor, only to discover otherwise.


If you, like me, have been trying to clean up your act and eliminate as much toxic ingredients out of your diet and skin and personal hydgene care as possible, read on, I guarantee you will be surprised.


Look at the following choices and guess which one would be a healthier product for you:


1)   Crest Cavity Protection Toothpaste or Burt’s Bees Natural Fluoride Multicare Toothpaste?

2)   Earth Science Almond-Aloe Facial Moisturizer, SPF 15 or Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Moisturizer & Serum Duo with Broad Spectrum Sunscreen?

3)   Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Shampoo (Gardenia) or Pantene Pro-V Always Smooth Shampoo?

4)   Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Lotion, Original or Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion, Fragrance Free?


If someone asked me these questions a couple of days ago I would have answered: (1) Burt’s Bees; (2) Earth Science; (3) Alba Botanica; and (4) Burt’s Bees. And guess what? I would have been 100% wrong. In each of those questions the other, seemingly less natural product is actually a less toxic option for your or your baby’s body. Surprised? I was.


Now, this does not mean that every Olay product is safer than every Earth Science product, and in fact, it is true that as a company, the overall toxicity levels of the so-called natural brands are, in many cases, lower than the conventional ones. But, as shown above, not all of the products made by a “natural” brand are safer or better for you or your family.


Here is a website that rates each product by its toxicity in the following categories: overall hazard, cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity, use restrictions and other concerns – The website is run by a group called Environmental Working Group, whose mission is to protect human health and the environment by providing us with sufficient information to make smart choices. Some of the newer products have not made it to the website yet, however, you can also check the individual ingredients listed on the product to find out whether it is toxic or not. The website also allows you to look up the safest option by searching “baby lotion” or “hair spray” or any other product, which results in a list of options from the safest, rated 0-2 to the most toxic rated 10.


Hope you found this article useful! Please share your options and findings in the comment section above. Have a wonderful day! 

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I am getting back into the groove of things, enjoying the second trimester and starting to post more recipies and diary entries.

Here is the diary of my pregnancy, its been going really well and we are super excited about meeting our Baby. I am still getting all of the pictures from our European vacation onto my computer and will be continuously uploading them to the travel section. For more pictures, please check out the Facebook and Instagram 





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