DIY Tooth Powder

June 3, 2014


With this pregnancy progressing I have tried a lot of different toothpastes since many, especially in the first trimester, made me nauseous. I finally looked up DIY recipes online and modified a couple with what I had in the kitchen and wanted to use for my tooth powder. Just brushed my teeth and have a wonderful fresh breath and my teeth feel squeaky clean. It also increases saliva production, which is beneficial to digestion.  


There are many health benefits to the ingredients used in this recipe. Calcium is necessary for development and maintenance of good strong teeth.[1]  Magnesium helps neutralize stomach acid and aids with digestion.[2] Potassium helps with tooth sensitivity.[3] Bentonite clay helps with remineralization and detoxication.[4] It also has been linked to hardening and whitening of teeth.[5] Baking soda has been used for many years in commercially prepared toothpastes to clean and whiten teeth. Cardamom has a lot of health benefits including aiding digestion and freshening one’s mouth.[6] Peppermint oil works well to reduce inflammation, tooth pain and freshening of one’s mouth among other benefits.[7]


Here is my recipe:


3 tablets of calcium/magnesium/potassium supplement that I bought and never used.

2 TBS of bentonite clay 

1 TBS of non aluminum baking soda

5 cardamom pods

20 drops of pure peppermint essential oil


Crush the calcium/magnesium/potassium tablets into powder. Open the cardamom pods and crush the seeds inside into powder. Combine all powders together and mix. Add peppermint oil and mix again.


I added my ingredients into an old honey container, since I don’t have any small mason jars at home, closed the lid and shook vigorously. Pour a small amount onto your moist toothbrush and brush as usual.


Let me know how you like it!




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I am getting back into the groove of things, enjoying the second trimester and starting to post more recipies and diary entries.

Here is the diary of my pregnancy, its been going really well and we are super excited about meeting our Baby. I am still getting all of the pictures from our European vacation onto my computer and will be continuously uploading them to the travel section. For more pictures, please check out the Facebook and Instagram 





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