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Although it is unhealthy and unsightly to live in a dirty home, however, cleaning home with the chemicals regularly used in home cleaning solutions may pose more risk to your health than a dirty house. Of course, I am not advocating keeping your home dirty, but instead to look for natural alternatives that will deliver results but will also not harm you, your family and pets in the process.


Not only are many of our household products harmful to our health through exposure, they are bad for the environment and create what is called off gasses that continue to pollute our home air with toxic gasses for many days to follow the use.[1]


It is also important to note that there is no governmental agency controlling the safety of household cleaning supplies. As such, the dangerous chemicals that are commonly used come into your home well disguised as something that supposed to make your home healthier, but instead it is poisoning you, your family and pets.


Let’s look at couple of common household cleaners:


(1)         Chlorine or chlorine based cleaner.


Chlorine is a halogen element that is isolated as a heavy greenish-yellow diatomic gas of pungent odor and is used especially as a bleach, oxidizing agent, and disinfectant in water purification.[2] Commonly used as laundry bleach, toilet, sink, countertop cleaners and some dishwashing liquids. The dangers of chlorine exposure range from headaches to death.


(2)         Glycol – most commonly used types are - ethylene glycol, propelene glycol, ethanediol or diol glycolic.


Glycol is “a colorless, sweet liquid, used chiefly as an automobile antifreeze and as a solvent.”[3] Glycol, especially in its most common form of ethylene glycol is highly toxic and ingestion of it can be fatal if untreated.[4]


(3)         Phosphates, organophosphate or esters of phosphoric acid.


Phosphates are very commonly used. Studies suggest that exposure can have “adverse effects in the neurobehavioral development of fetuses and children, even at very low levels of exposure.”[5] Chronic exposure can cause influenza like symptoms as well we more severe symptoms such as depression, impaired memory, speech difficulty and insomnia.[6]


So what should we do? Today, there are more and more products are available that are non toxic or have very low toxicity levels to clean with. Look for citrus based, non toxic, biodegradable products containing no chlorine, phosphates or glycols. Here are several suggestions:


1)   Mrs. Meyers - - available in many great natural smells that are achieved by combining essential oils instead of toxic chemicals and fragrances. Their products are not tested on animals and the packaging uses 25% post-consumer plastic. Check their websites for stores near you, however, most Targets have a selection of Mrs. Meyers products.

2)   DIY – a lot of home cleaning can be done with white vinegar, water and lemon juice. Homemade solution recipes are widely available these days. However, here is a website that has a few good ones -

3)   Whole Foods brand – available in all Whole Foods stores.

4)   Biokleen – developed with environment in mind. Most Whole Foods stores carry their products. Otherwise available -

5)   Ultra Chem Labs – commercial cleaners developed to minimize environmental and health effects of cleaning. -


In attempt to educate the consumer and rating their own products accordingly, Whole Foods came out with what they called Eco Scale, a scale rating various ingredients from safe to unsafe. Here is the link to their website providing the names of safe and unsafe ingredients which provides good reference in research of better alternatives -









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