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I love this soup so much; it’s so tasty and so filling. It’s sweet and spicy at the same time. My Stepfather used to make it for us, but I never got a recipe from him. So this is my own version of the lentil coconut soup.




½ cup of chickpeas

½ cup of mung dal

½ cup of split peas

2 tbs of curry powder

1 tbs of garam masala

1 tbs of ginger powder

1 tbs of cut up fresh ginger

2 tbs of coconut oil

6 cups of water

1 cube of vegetable broth or some liquid broth

1 cup of coconut flakes

Juice of one lemon

3-4 tbs of parsley for garnishing

Salt to taste

2 tbs of vinegar

2 tbs of honey or ginger spread (consisting of ginger, sugar and honey)

2 tbs of tomato paste (cut up tomatoes or ketchup)


Put all of the lentils (any lentils can be used) into a pot with water. Add vinegar, coconut oil and salt. Get it to boil on high and turn half way down, so it is still boiling but the water is not splashing or trying to escape the pot J. Cook for 40 mins (unless presoaked, which results in shorter cooking times). About 30 mins into the cooking, add all of the dry spices, broth and honey. After you turn the stove off add lemon juice, fresh ginger and coconut flakes.


Add some parsley to each plate. Makes about 4 servings, however, my Hubby and I had double each and finished the whole pot... :)

I served the soup with pieces of my favorite wheat bread from Trader’s Joes (it has only 3 ingredients and its organic – Artisan Bread Pain Pascal Organic Demi Miche, its in their fresh breads section) and olive oil with some spices. 


Enjoy!! Let me know how you liked it. Please share this recipe with your friends and others! 



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