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November 13, 2013


Those of you who have been reading my blog know that I have been raving about this new chocolate that I found in Sprouts - Organic MacaSure Chocolate, here is my article on it. Well, my Sprouts decided to discontinue it, because apparently aside from me, who bought most or all of the box that they have ordered as a trial, no one else was interested. It was a sad sad news for me! But not for too long. As I was looking for Oat Bran, which the store was out of, I found Organic Raw Maca Root Powder and could not be happier. I also bought unsweetened cocoa powder from Trader’s Joes and have been making the tastiest, yummiest and healthiest hot chocolate I’ve ever had each morning, and sometimes more than just morning J. Here is my recipe. Anyhow, enjoying as I have been Maca, a thought came to my mind – is it safe during pregnancy? As many of you know, I am not pregnant, yet, but my Husband and I plan to work on changing that as soon as we go on our European vacation this December.


Since I have previously read that Maca root has a profound impact on your hormonal levels, I was wondering if it was safe during pregnancy. So, I Googled it. (Seriously, what did we all used to do before Google?! I guess, use the library. I still do. I love my local library, which reminds me I need to return some books...) What I found was pretty interesting so I decided to share it.


Although, no studies have been done to verify safety of Maca root during pregnancy as such most companies put a regular warning about speaking with your physician before taking it during pregnancy. In Peru and other places in South America women have been consuming high quantities of Maca during pregnancy for thousands of years.[1] While here in the U.S. Maca is not well known and consumed, the clinical studies show that is has no or very low toxicity.[2] Furthermore, futher understanding of the plant itself shows us that there is no more reason to be worried about eating Maca during pregnancy as you would of eating a radish. Maca root is, in fact, a member of the radish family.[3] It has no hormones but helps to naturally balance them. Plus, for myself, I can trust generations upon generations of Peruvian women who have consumed it during pregnancy, especially since the research that has been done shows that it can help with carrying a healthy pregnancy! Yey! So, I found that I can enjoy my newly discovered favorite drink (recipe here) any time I want to now and when I will do get pregnant.*****  


But there is more, Maca root’s amazing nutrients work to increase your chances of actually getting pregnant.[4] It has been called a natural fertility treatment and has been used as such by centuries in South America[5], and specifically Peru where Maca grows high in the mountains. It works by normalizing hormone levels in both males and females helping with fertility and success of pregnancy. Specifically Maca controls and regulates estrogen in the body. In women, when estrogen is too high at certain periods of the month it may prevent a woman from becoming pregnant or carry pregnancy to a term. In men too much estrogen produces erectile dysfunction or lack of libido, low sperm count and low production of seminal fluid.[6] Maca’s ability to balance the estrogen levels in both males and females increases chances of pregnancy and carrying it to term.


From my personal experience, it improves your mood and energy level almost magically. Eating just one piece of chocolate containing Maca or drinking my new favorite hot chocolate with Maca (recipe here) I feel an immediate effect – lightness, energy, happy feeling and general overall wellbeing!


I found my Raw Organic Maca Root Powder at Sprouts, but here is the website for this product for your information -


Please comment if you have ate Maca or foods with Maca and your experiences with it. Have a wonderful rest of the day!






***** Please note that I am not a doctor, this website is not meant to diagnose or treat any conditions but to share my own personal experience and research. Whether Maca root is safe during your own pregnancy is your decision to make. 

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