Gratitude and Attitude

Gratitude is an amazing thing, it allows you to slow down and live in the moment, because you appreciate each moment. As I am learning to appreciate people, things and events around me, I feel that the quality of my life is rising. There is so much to be grateful for from something as small and “given” as fresh air to breathe and fresh water to drink to all the wonderful things that make your life so uniquely yours.


In the section Live and Learn, I share the little life lessons I learn and feel are important to share with others. Read more here.


In the section Gratitude Journal, I share what I am grateful for. Making conscious effort to appreciate things made a wonderful change in my life, making it richer and even better than it was. Read more here



I am getting back into the groove of things, enjoying the second trimester and starting to post more recipies and diary entries.

Here is the diary of my pregnancy, its been going really well and we are super excited about meeting our Baby. I am still getting all of the pictures from our European vacation onto my computer and will be continuously uploading them to the travel section. For more pictures, please check out the Facebook and Instagram 





Hello! It's great to meet you.
This website is about what makes my life lovely and I hope it will help to make your life even more lovely than it already is. 

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