This is my online diary, it goes along with some of the other topics I discuss here, things I learn each day, experiences, events and other happenings I want to share with you. 

May 27, 2014


Month Five Cont


Little Plumb’s movements are become more and more pronounced each and every day. It is a wonderful feeling, although at times s/he wakes me up at night, it is an amazing thing to feel a little human being move inside you. Yesterday, s/he had five hiccups, it was adorable! We are getting very impatient to meet our Little Baby! It’s still so surreal and yet each day it is becoming more and more real.


The last couple of days the tiredness returned. I keep feeling like I haven’t slept a wink even though I sleep pretty well and for good amounts of time each night. I am feel enormous gratitude towards my Hubby for allowing me not to work during this pregnancy. I cannot imagine having to go to the office now. Bow down to all the women who work and grow a baby and later own raise one, it is hard. Being home and having control over my schedule makes all the difficult parts of pregnancy so much easier.


This afternoon we have another appointment with the midwives. I am very excited. Even though I feel good and know that everything is developing well, it is so nice to hear a confirmation from them.


Little Plumb just woke up, as I am typing this and is now moving J. I can already feel the strong connection between him/her and myself and my Hubby, s/he responds to his Daddy’s low voice and responds to my thoughts and words. It is an amazing connection.


I have been reading An Attachment Parenting book by Dr. Sears and liking it very much, it goes along with what I have felt myself would a natural way to raise a child. I cannot wait to start on this wonderful process. One of the things I am really looking forward to is carrying my Baby in a sling or another soft carrier. I think it will be wonderful to allow the Baby experience everything we do everyday and have him/her so close will make it easier to know when feeding or changing etc is necessary.


Next week we are starting a birthing class with our midwife assistant. She is going to teach us preparation for labor and recognition of its various stages among other things. We are also thinking of taking Lamaze breathing class, but will see whether we will need it after taking these classes.


At this point I am very much in between taking in as much information as possible (my usual mode) and also ignoring everything there is, as a lot of information related to pregnancy is so negative and inspires a lot of fears and confusion. However, I definitely would like to learn breathing that would help with pain management, since we are going for pain med free birth. I do have a belief that it will work well for us. I do not like pain, and do have a pretty little tolerance for it, however, when I know that the pain is nothing bad and is a normal part of the process I believe I will be able to tolerate it well. Especially considering that I will be home and will be able to lay, stand, walk, stretch or do whatever else that would make me feel more comfortable. I am also sure of Tommy’s ability to help me. He has been with me through some of the most agonizing pain of kidney stones and gallbladder issues and was able to help me with it. And unlike that pain which was part of sickness this pain will be part of something exciting, our Baby coming out and joining our family outside. I have a pretty strong belief in my body and my Baby’s instincts that I believe will make this process as smooth as it can be. Women have been delivering babies naturally for hundreds of thousands of years, and although for the most of my life I have lived in “civilized” society I think the instincts and the natural hormonal support is still there embedded in my psyche and will help and guide me and the Baby through this process successfully.


On a different thought, just checked our registry, our family has been very generous and it looks like we are going to receive a lot of large items at the baby shower next month. This still leaves us with repainting and decorating the Little Plumb’s room and getting all the items together for the home water births that our midwives recommend but we should be able to complete that in the next four months. I can’t believe it is the end of fifth month!


Couple more weeks and the Baby’s movement can be felt by my Hubby, he already felt it once when especially strong kick came through my belly when he was touching it. But soon it will be regular. It is so exciting and unbelievable at the same time. I am really starting to appreciate the word “miracle” that everyone calls pregnancy. Before I could see why people called it a miracle but now I can really feel this miraculous process.


Have a wonderful day!!   


May 13, 2014


Month Five - May 2014


Month five has been wonderful. Energy and joy of pregnancy has been consistent throughout the last two weeks. Our Little Plumb can hear us now so we have been telling her/him how much we love him/her and cannot wait to meet him/her. The Baby is getting bigger and I am definitely starting to feel him/her more. Couple of days ago s/he has been, what felt like, plopping himself on the bottom part of my uterus with all his/her weight. It was an amazing feeling and also made me think of all the wonderful experiences to come.


My wonderful Hubby took me out to a beautiful resort in Arizona for my first Mother’s Day, this past weekend. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. The Wild Horse Pass Resort and Hotel are situated on a large piece of land surrounded by dessert and mountains. It has an equestrian center with beautiful horses. These two wanted our attention and stuck their heads out for us to pet them.


Which we did for a while, each time we wanted to move on they would come closer to us, as if saying, “You are not done yet.” I miss riding, so much. I haven’t been on a horse in a while. For the past couple of years my Hubby has been taking me to ride for my birthday, last year, however, I couldn’t go because of the surgery and this birthday because of the pregnancy. I cannot wait to have that wonderful feeling of being on a horse peacefully strutting down a dirt road somewhere. We will teach the Baby to ride as soon as possible.


Talking about teaching Baby things, there is a Floaties Swim School close to our house, I checked it out last week and they accept babies as early as three months. So our Little Plumb will be relearning how to swim very soon. S/he is proficient in that sport right now swimming inside me as I type this.


It is still so surreal to think that there is a tiny little baby growing inside of me. Last week we watched House M.D. TV show and the episode showed a baby who is the same age as ours, House saved the mother by treating baby’s condition while semi-delivering the baby and than returning him back into the uterus and into his mother. It was so amazing to see the tiny little fingers wrapping themselves around an adult finger. So tiny and helpless and yet so understanding of human touch and relationship.


I used to hear women say that pregnancy was one of the most amazing things that a woman can experience in her life. I never understood the meaning of that sentence until now. It is a miracle. A miracle of tiny little cell that can barely be seen under a microscope becoming a whole little person.

I cannot wait to meet our Little Person.


Ok, now back to cleaning the house. With all the traveling and enjoying the pool etc. the house is looking rather poorly J


Have a wonderful day!!






First Trimester


Month One - January 2014


First month was wonderful. I started to suspect that I was pregnant two days after conception. My Hubby and I were still in Europe and were visiting the Vatican Museum, when suddenly I developed a nose befitting a good hunting dog. I could smell EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. I smelled things I never should have. Which made me run from one side of the exhibition hall to the next, confusing the hell out of my Hubby who couldn’t, at first, figure out what got into me. I did not wanted other people to hear that I could smell them and that they smelled bad, so I just continued to run from one side of the room to another confusing my Hubby even further. I was still able to tolerate food well but decided to stop drinking the amazingly tasty Italian espresso the last two days we were there.


I was very excited, but tried to keep it down because I did not know for sure and did not wanted to be disappointed. I had to wait another 2 weeks to find out. We were back to the U.S., after our upgraded first class flight with full beds for us to sleep in, which did not prevent me from getting horribly sick on the second portion of the flight which prevented our continuing the trip from Atlanta home. Luckily my wonderful Hubby was able to sweet-talk the Delta personnel to change our flight to next morning. I was so sick that I was unable to walk and he was very concerned that we would not be allowed into the country and put on quarantine. Luckily we explained to the border agent that I get horrible motion sickness and he let us in. My Hubby wheel-chaired me out of the airport to the horrified looks of other passengers who did not know how to judge the situation of a man wheeling a woman around whose head was hanging between her knees or from the side of the wheel chair. I was so sick I did not have any care of what people thought of me. I apologized to my Hubby and continued to lay as much as I could in the wheel chair. Luckily there was a hotel that my Hubby had points for right next to the airport and we were able to get a room. A shower and force-feeding later, I went to sleep.


Next morning I felt better but still nauseous. I knew however that we had to go. I force-fed myself some breakfast as flying on empty stomach is a sure way for me to get sick and we got back into the airport. Oh how I hated that place at this point! The last thing I wanted to do was to fly. I would have rather walked home from Atlanta and I am not kidding. However, it went pretty well aside from my exaggerated sense of smell, which required me to keep my scarf on my nose the entire duration of the four-hour flight. Every smell bothered me. Even something as innocent as the fresh smell of soap from people’s hands when they were walking past us from the bathroom made my stomach flip. We finally landed and I swore to myself I will never travel over Atlantic again.


Aside from weird food and smell aversions and impatience to find out for sure whether I really was pregnant January went pretty happily. At the end I took the test and it confirmed what I have already been suspecting for weeks – we were pregnant! My Hubby was extremely happy and we felt so lucky and grateful that we were able to conceive right away. At first, my Hubby and I wanted to keep it a secret only telling our Moms. We dialed each of them simultaneously on our cell phones and shared the happy news. But after the excitement of the conversation and taking a walk around our neighborhood during which we were pretty much skipping like little children, we knew that we could not hold it in. We called the rest of the family. Once the family calls were done, we shared it with the world on our Facebook pages. Some people were critical or concerned considering that I wasn’t even a month into my pregnancy that there were chances of it not being carried through. We knew that there was a potential of miscarriage, but we decided that we would deal with it if it happens, but in the meanwhile we would allow ourselves to be happy. The next day I created a baby registry, trying to figure all that we needed for this Little Creature growing inside me. The excitement and sharing of the happy news continued till the end of January.


Month Two and Three - February and March 2014


And then came February. Almost immediately I felt sick. It felt like I was back on that trans-Atlantic flight with no end in sight.


Now, might you, I spent about 9 months (ironic) to prepare for my 9 months pregnancy. Read numerous articles, books, postings etc on pregnancy but nothing prepared me, even remotely, for what was about to hit me.


Morning sickness - the worst possible misrepresentation in the history. Who decided to call it morning sickness?!?! How about 24/7/two months of your life (if you are lucky) sickness?! Now, I know that some women had even harder time than me. Those that could not eat at all and ended up in the hospital with IV or those who had it not just the first trimester but throughout pregnancy and my heart goes out to all of you brave and poor souls. I knew of that possibility and therefore force-fed myself each time I got sick. Which, as you can imagine if you ever had stomach flu or a hang over, is the absolute last thing you want to do after you throw up. But during pregnancy that is an absolute must. Your baby needs nutrition and although, as I happily learned, there is a surprising amount of nutrients stored in your fat, which is why it is a good idea to eat good food before you get pregnant, so that this storage is something actually nutritious and not fast food junk. The baby can use your fat storage while you are being turned inside out during your first trimester. It is, of course, inadvisable to rely on that. So the horrific sequence must continue – getting sick, eating and hopefully digesting some of the nutrients before the rest of the meal forcefully leaves your body. Also, I don’t know if all women experience it the same or not but getting sick during pregnancy is not quite the same as before due to a stomach flu or food poisoning. It is insanely painful. The force that pushes your stomach contents out is enough to knock you out. For me it temporarily dislocated several of my spine disks, burst some of my blood vessels around my eyes which looked really scary and would hurt the whole distance from my throat to my lower abdomen so much that I could not stand up for hours afterwards. In general, I have to say, if any men/partners are reading this, please know that what your wife/partner is going through is so horrible that you should really try to be as nice and helpful as possible and also count yourself SOOO lucky for not being the one pregnant.


For me it got so bad after full 3 weeks of waking up in the morning and getting sick before even getting out of the bed, spending full day on our downstairs pullout couch, half conscious, and literally crawling because when I would get up I felt vertigo and pain in my entire abdomen region from getting sick, to the refrigerator to feed myself every couple of hours, gagging from every smell, sound, taste and look of food and many other things. It got so bad that I was wishing for my own end. At 8 weeks we went to see my midwives. We met them before I got pregnant in October since I wanted to make sure I liked them and would want them to deliver my baby. At the meeting, they were compassionate and telling me that all the suffering meant it was a healthy pregnancy. Hearing that should have made me feel better, should have, but it didn’t. Nothing did for the majority of the next two months.


I am strongly against any kind of drugs, prescription or over-counter, except for homeopathic and food cures. Having a defective gallbladder that I was born with and dealing with it my whole life (until it was removed at age 30) I have had endless bad experiences with doctors and drugs they prescribed or recommended I take. I had every possible and impossible side effect from the painkillers and others I was given. I knew before we got pregnant that I wanted this pregnancy to be as natural as possible. As mentioned, I prepared for it, by eating mostly organic, exercising, meditating and getting myself ready for the baby. I wanted no ultrasounds, unless medically necessary; home water birth, no drugs or shots of any kind to my newborn baby.


People were telling me to get an anti-nausea medicine so I can at least get off the couch. I refused. I know that the doctors say it is perfectly safe for mother and the baby. But I have very little trust in that promise. I cannot imagine how any drug could be safe for a baby. So instead I tried every natural morning sickness solution I could find. Ginger made things better for two seconds and after couple of times I could no longer tolerate ginger taste or smell. Lemon, my own personal cure for nausea that I used my whole life, whenever I had issues with my gallbladder, made me horribly sick. Morning sickness tea made me feel sicker. The natural lozenges (I tried every kind that did not contain chemicals) gave me heartburn with not even a slightest relief of sickness. I finally discovered nux vomica homeopathic solution and l-methionine (amino-acid) with vitamin B-6. I don’t know whether the combination of the two made things better or my hormones were finally stabilizing and I naturally started to feel better, but I was grateful to whatever was the cause of my relief. And so in the second part of March I started to feel better, some of the time. My super nose was still bothering me but it was getting better too.


All the while being sick, I kept telling our Little Baby that I love him/her very much and not to take personally my unhappiness at this time. My poor Husband was trying to be as helpful as possible. I felt so horrible seeing that he was suffering in his inability to do much for me. But there was nothing he could do. From one side I hated that he saw me get sick, from other side I was so grateful when he would pat my back when I was sick and bring me fresh pieces of watermelon (Thank God for watermelon, the only thing I could tolerate and somewhat enjoy) and bread after I got sick and force feed me those before I would try to sleep. I have always been grateful for marrying this wonderful man, but having gone through the first trimester made my gratitude for him raised exponentially.


Second Trimester – Blessed Time


Month Four - April 2014


Happiness. Energy. Appetite. Alertness. Joy. Glow. Exercising. Living. Were all the things that have finally came back this month. April is my birthday month, and this time I felt like I was born again. After spending two months in purgatory returning to the planet Earth and rejoining the human race is a wonderful thing. Although nausea was replaced by some other interesting pregnancy side effects, such as stretching and ripping of abdomen and groin muscles and tendons, and feeling pressure on my lungs, I much rather take that over spending my days and nights in the bathroom or over a trash can.


From around end of February I started to feel something in my belly that was distinctly different from anything else I ever felt. I knew it was my baby, but I also did not know exactly what I was feeling. It felt like movement in the water inside of another container filled with water. In the beginning of this month the movements became more pronounced and it felt like our Little One was a little goldfish splashing around. Now at the end of April, it feels almost like a heartbeat deep inside my belly. Since we are avoiding all ultrasounds I haven’t seen or heard our baby’s heart. We were told that at 20 weeks it is possible to hear it with a regular stethoscope. We have purchased our own and have tried it a couple of times, hearing a deep underwater background sound resembling something like a heartbeat, but we are not sure. I am currently in my 17th week so we have a couple more before we supposed to be able to really hear it.

At this point I am really enjoying pregnancy. Talking to our Little One, playing music for him/her, going for walks, exercising and eating. About 30 to 45 minutes after I eat I feel this amazing blissful feeling, apparently that’s when the baby starts to receive the nutrition from my meal and it feels like s/he is enjoying it. It is an amazing feeling to be growing our Little Sweet Creature inside me and have interactions with him/her on a very deep emotional and physical level. It is hard to explain, but I am sure that women who have been pregnant understand what I mean. My Husband and I loved this Baby before we created him/her, and now with each day the love it growing. We cannot wait to meet him/her in September.


My ultrasensitive nose is gone and I am back to smelling things as usual, which I cannot be happier about. I feel bad for dogs, although on the second thought they like pretty bad smells, so never mind.


Another interesting thing is, I have never been as happy to exercise as I am now. It makes me feel so much better. Makes the stretching and ripping pain better, makes my back feel better, make my belly feel like there is more space for the Little One and my lungs. I have been switching between weights, yoga and Pilates. I also try to walk an hour and half each day with the doglet. Tink has been in love with my belly and always trying to be as close to it as possible. He also has been following me around everywhere I go around the house and sitting and guarding me, which is very cute. We cannot wait for him to meet our Little One when s/he is born. From his changing behavior it appears that he is going to be very protective of the baby. 

December 18, 2013


Less than two and half days left and we will be flying off to Scotland. I CANNOT wait!! It will be great. Tommy and I have been dreaming of this vacation for a while.


I am a bit terrified of the flight, but recently I have been tolerating flying much better. I also got myself acupressure bracelets that help with nausea by pressing onto a specific point on your wrists. We have tested them with car travel and they work most of the time J


Our family is staying in our home taking care of Tinky, our birds and plants while we are gone. Tommy is getting close to being done taking care of business and will be able to disconnect from work while we are gone. We will have no phones or emails, and will be able to just enjoy ourselves walking around and doing all the sight seeing we can possibly fit into each 24 hour day. So plan is to spending Christmas and Boxing day in Edinburgh, Scotland. After that we will fly to London for couple of days, where we will see my best childhood friend with her boyfriend and their little baby. After that we will take train to Paris, where we will celebrate the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014!! We plan to see the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, a bunch of French cafes with croissants and coffee, and of course the Eiffel Tower. We will then travel to Montreux, Switzerland, where we will see the castles and the beauty of the Swiss Alps. From there we will travel to Geneva, where we hope to see the city and possibly catch a performance (either ballet or opera). From there we will travel to Nice for a nice relaxing time at the sea, shopping at their farmers market and spending more time enjoying the French culture and the beautiful language. From Nice we will take a train to Venice and stay in a small boutique hotel on the channel. And the final destination will be Rome from which we will travel home.


I cannot wait to experience it all, the culture, art, people, food and fashion.


Considering that neither Tommy nor I speak any French or Italian, this should make for a humorous vacation as well J




December 9, 2013


It is December! December of 2013! Sounds so futuristic. But its not, it is today. Last week I was traveling with Tommy for his work in Central California. And today Tommy is on the road again, luckily in Southern Cali, which means he will be coming home most of the nights this week. Sitting in front of our fireplace being thankful for our beautiful home. Our birds have reached truce, or so I hope. They have been squawking all day yesterday. As some of you may know our girl bird – Lilly – flew away a couple of weeks ago. We tried to find her but didn’t. So we decided to get another male parakeet and introduce him to Loki. Loki, as his namesake, is very mischievous and at some point tried to pick on Zeus (our new bird) too much and they have been fighting for dominance for a few days now. But today they are sitting next to each other with Zeus peacefully catching some zzzs and Loki singing in the most beautiful way right next to him as though to make him more comfortable with his lullaby. So for now it looks very promising.


Tink is, as usual, trying to prevent me from typing this by putting his head right on my left arm and looking into my eyes with those large sad Chihuahua eyes. I finally convinced him to put his head on my lap instead J


So for today, I have to wrap all of our gifts, clean up our downstairs and get started on getting the guest room together for my Mom’s visit this weekend. Yey, Mommy is coming! Also I still haven’t finished our itinerary for Europe, which I still don’t believe we are going to. It is two weeks away now, which is even harder to believe.


But first, Tink and I need to go to the library to return and re-checkout The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating During Pregnancy book I am reading along with other 25 or so books which is why I am behind the return deadline.


It is finally nice and sunny outside, although still very chilly for Southern California (about 8°C/46°F). So we are off to catch some rays. Later I will be working on the revising and beefing up my first book on finding the love of your life. I cannot wait to finish this book and start on the publishing phase. I really think it has some very good information that I cannot wait to share with everyone! If you are reading this and know someone in publishing please email or comment on this. Thank you and have a wonderful Monday! 


November 21, 2013


It is insane how quickly the time has been flying. It is almost Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be sooner than we can even imagine. This Christmas will be very special, we will be in Edinburgh, Scotland, hopefully surrounded by snow at a beautiful resort hotel. Mmmm, it takes me into a dream world, our vacation is like a dream. So wonderful, I cannot wait.


But for now, I have a project to work on. My Hubby’s Mother’s side of family has this wonderful tradition where women exchange handmade presents with other women on Thanksgiving. This year, I am off with a late start but I already know what I am doing so it shouldn’t be too bad. I am going to make little canvases with a positive intention message, such as “Love”, “Happiness”, “Faith” etc. I have quite a few of those around my house and I love looking at them; they make me smile and think of something positive. So now, off to paint those. Have a wonderful day! Share what you are up to with me in comments here or on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lovelylifelana



November 8, 2013


Happiness is the most important thing in the world. Today I have decided to be happy, completely and utterly unapologetically happy, despite everything and everyone. I have been saying this forever to anyone who would listen, that we all need to find our own happiness and take responsibility for it. And although most of the time I have been pretty true to this, there are times when I kick myself for mistakes I have made, holding myself responsible for things I wasn’t responsible for and driving myself otherwise completely nuts for no apparent reason.


We have all forgiven our friends, family and others for various things, serious things, important things, unimportant things, all kind of things. And yet forgiving yourself is harder than it seems. Letting go of things that no longer matter is so important and yet they persist on the back of my mind like little cockroaches, impossible to kill.

Forgiving yourself and loving yourself are so important, and yet it is so easy to look at your self in the mirror and find all the things you don’t like rather than all of the things you do. But I shall succeed! I always have, in everything I have put my mind to and this will not be an exception!


Now off to get groceries before I go to my Husband’s convention cocktail party.


Have a great day Everyone! 




October 18, 2013


It’s been a crazy week; I started to research vaccinations - the benefits and the risks. My research is not completed, after a week of hours and hours spent on it; I still have a lot more to go. However, one thing is clear, people MUST educate themselves before giving their children vaccines. They are not “safe and effective” as they are claimed to be by the pharmaceutical companies. I implore everyone reading this to really look into the issue. I will be posting some of my findings once I complete my research. However, because I am writing a book on pregnancy I will only be sharing the highlights of my findings.


I am done for this week, its been very emotional and angering to read the statistics and data of the adverse reactions to the vaccinations that multitude of people (mostly children) have suffered over the years, including getting sick with the disease the vaccine is supposed to protect from.


It is Friday, time to unwind and enjoy the weekend! We are going to the INDYCAR races tonight and tomorrow. Tommy’s company is cosponsoring some of the racers, so he was able to get us great all access tickets. Never been to a car race before. I have only been to horse races before and the outfit that I brought for tomorrow is something that would be appropriate to horse races but have been vetoed for the car racing, so off I go to buy some pants..grr..don’t like pants.





October 1, 2013


I cannot believe it is October! This year has been incredibly long and short at the same time. My Husband and I are now planning our European vacation, the tickets are booked! We are sooo excited we can hardly believe it is real!


And since our vacation means we will start trying for a baby it means I have to be absolutely healthy before we go. Which is good in any case, pregnant or not J But to accomplish that I am really cleaning up what I eat and my exercise routine. Yesterday I started a 12 week exercise routine fromhttp://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/womans_lean_sexy_bible.htm. So far, second day in, I can feel my arms burning. I am also adding some of my own stuff to it. Walking the dog, of course, Tink is passed out on my trampoline sunning himself (pic above). My Husband and I are also doing a challenge of 700 crunches/abs exercises two to three times a week. And yoga couple times a week to relax.


I will be meditating on a regular basis. Each time I do it the results are amazing, so relaxing and refreshing. Meditation feels like a cool shower on a hot day to my brain. But I am pretty bad about meditating regularly. I would like to develop that habit.


I also boosted up my water intake from 8 glasses to 1 gallon a day. The first 3 days were hard, because I had to run to the restroom every 20 minutes. But now, I am starting to feel the positive side effects of drinking so much water. First, my hunger is easier to control. I feel much more hydrated, I know, so surprising J. I have more energy and I am starting to require less sleep to feel good.


I will be posting new pics of myself soon..

September 26, 2013


The birthday month continues, so many birthdays this months and so many great fun things to do. It was a lot of fun to shop for all of the presents. I cannot wait to give a couple of them. Tonight, we are taking my Mother in law out to bday dinner to Donovan’s steakhouse. It should be a lot of fun and I am currently curling hair to get it ready for tonight. If you have been reading my articles (under Health and Pregnancy Prep – Healthy Skin and Hair), I have been doing all kinds of natural masks to make my overbleached hair to look and feel like hair again. And I have found the one I really love, not only is it lightening my hair naturally but it also made it soft, shiny and healthy looking and feeling to touch. Here is the recipe - http://lovelylifelp.com/healthy-lifestyle-and-pregnancy-prep/healthy-skin-and-hair/


Other than that, I have been having issues writing, I guess going through a bit of a dry spell and battling my allergies. I have been trying all kinds of natural remedies and some things are starting to work. I will be posting the remedies that worked for me in the next few days, once I get a better control of the horrible post nasal drip I have been having. It is disgusting and I cannot wait to get rid of it.


I think once I have it under control, I will have battled, successfully all of my health issues and can really start healing and getting my body ready for life’s most incredible journey of having a baby.


Love to hear from all of you, comment above or email me privately under the Contact tab.


Have a great day! 



September 20, 2013


Having a wonderful day! Woke up earlier, not yet as early as I want to but baby steps. Ate great breakfast – smoothie, croissant and coffee. After which I took Tink out for an hour walk out to the outskirts of our community where you can see the mountains. Came back and put a mask on my hair – mayo, egg, cinnamon and olive oil. Exercised my legs – 50 jumping jacks, 50 lunges, 50 squats and 10 other leg exercise which I do not know the name for (begin in cow pose, take one leg up while still bent and pulse for 10 counts). Finished by some cat/cow poses and stretching.


I also found the best time, at least for me, to meditate - right after a hard workout. It is natural to want to sit down and relax, closing your eyes and taking it to the next step is only natural and I found it much easier to empty my mind, which I haven’t really achieved this morning, but came closer to having less turmoil in my head than usual.


The results are amazing - an abundance of energy and desire to do things, very light and happy feeling.


Have a wonderful rest of your Friday and the weekend!


P.S. Just got another card from my wonderful traveling Hubby, who is coming back home in few hours! Thank you Tommy, love you very much!


September 9, 2013


We are back home and enjoying sleeping in our own bed. The vacation was amazing, so relaxing and surprisingly long. Usually the time goes by too fast when you are having fun, but in Michigan, by the lake, it slows down. We spent one and half weeks there, swimming at least twice a day each day, walking around the beautiful areas, horseback riding, shooting fireworks (which are legal in Michigan), playing games in the evenings and eating a ton of food. Some food was fresh grown at local farms (Empkie’s Farm Market in Port Austin, MI) and other deep fried from local restaurants J Back home we are now on a detox diet, drinking a lot of freshly squeezed juices and eating simple food like rice and beans.


It is great to be writing again, while on vacation we had no time to sit down and write but spent most of the time doing something active or, if seated, would play card games or dominos.


Today, I am in the process of doing 8 loads of laundry from the vacation and also researching the controversy on sunscreen. Stay tuned, I should be uploading an article on it very soon!


This month will be busy with a wedding and five birthdays!


Good to be back! But I miss the serenity and the beauty of the lake. 


August 30, 2013


Having the time of our lives. We started off by flying into Detroit and were very lucky and excited about being upgraded into first class. We drove to see my Mom and spent a day with her exploring the areas around her. It was a total surprise so she did not expect to see us, when she did she walked by us without recognizing us before taking a second look and screaming out with excitement :) (Mission completed, I am horrible at keeping a surprise but it worked)  We than drove to Canada, my first time to the country and seeing the Niagara Falls. We stayed at a beautiful hotel and our top floor (23rd floor) room was looking directly into the Niagara Falls. At night we watched the thunder bolts light up the sky on the US side with a crackling fireplace and a hot in room hot tub bubbling. It was one of the most gorgeous views I have ever seen. We spent the next day exploring the areas around, taking in the views from the ferris wheel, buying souvenirs at local shops and posing with Taiwanese tourists (we are not sure why they wanted a picture of us..) After another walk by the Falls we drove through the Canada to Lake Huron and drove some more to the tip of the thumb, where we have been ever since. 


Its been so wonderfully relaxing, swimming in the lake, walking around, eating, playing games and enjoying every minute of it. We've discovered some cool local spots, including a fireworks shop which we have bought a bag worth of various fireworks from and are now waiting for the darkness to creep in to set some of them off and cause some havoc... 


Now off to eat dinner and enjoy the rain outside. 


Hope you are enjoying your week and the weekend ahead. 


August 21, 2013


Excited to go pick up all the natural pregnancy books waiting for me at the library. It is a beautiful day outside and I am going to go for a long walk soon. Very excited about our upcoming trip to Canada and Michigan. Tommy’s Mom agreed to babysit Tink and stay in our home while we are traveling.


I have never been to Canada and never seen Niagara Falls, so I am very very excited about it. The photographs I have seen were absolutely gorgeous and I really cannot wait to go. And Michigan is always fun. Tommy’s Grandma has a cottage there where she stays most of the summer each year and each week family members from all over the US come to visit her there and enjoy summer fun at the lake. Tommy and I cannot wait to take “shower” in the lake each morning and night. We will have to buy biodegradable shampoo, conditioner and soap. Too bad Tink cannot travel with us, Delta does not allow for in cabin doggies during summer, which I do not understand why but I do not want to sneak him in in case they catch us and force us to put him below the cabin, which I really think he will not survive. He is a very nervous dog, like most Chihuahuas, and does not like to fly in general but especially if he cannot see us. But Tink will be fine home with Tommy’s Mom, he LOOOVES her SOOOO much.


Ok, off to write a bit more, I am on the last portion of my “finding the love of your life” book (haven’t solidified the actual name yet). It is still only a first draft, but I am getting very excited to be getting close to finishing it.


If any of you know anyone in publishing or literary agency please email me through the Contact page. Thank you!!


Hope you are enjoying your day!

August 19, 2013


This has been one of the best weekends of my life, so wonderfully relaxing and full of fun surprises. This was our wedding anniversary weekend so Tommy planned it all. We went swimming and lounged around lazily in the first part of both days, which was so perfect, considering that I am not a morning person it allowed me to sleep in and not have to worry about being somewhere on time.


Apparently there is another surprise that I will have tonight. I can’t believe he was able to hold all kinds of things from me. Although neither one of us has been successful at keeping the presents from each other and gave those to each other a week early. The surprises, including a nice dinner with the ocean view followed by a two-hour massage and a hot air balloon flight the next day were completely unexpected and I loved every second of it.


The hot air balloon was so relaxing. It made us feel like we were part of nature and gave us this incredible lightness that I have never experienced before. Such an amazing experience! I was completely and utterly terrified to go up several thousands feet in a small basket, but once we were up there it felt so wonderful and the view was so beautiful. The occasional breeze was amazing but since our speed was the same as the air most of the flight it felt almost as though we were in a meditative standstill, yet we covered a lot of ground. Saw a mommy deer with two fawns, rabbits, a couple of larger deer, and endless beautiful mansions (DelMar, Rancho Santa Fe and Fairbanks Ranch) with doggies running and barking at us from the grounds and people waving and taking photos of the balloons, and an amazing sunset, clouds covering the shore and other hot air balloons flying around us.  


Not only was it not terrifying, as I expected, but it was one of the most calming experiences I’ve ever had. Even the sound of the fire burners inside the balloon did not disturb the enchanting serenity of the experience.


I cannot wait to find out what tonight holds in store, so exciting!!

August 14, 2013


Was pretty bad and did not eat on time and exercise yesterday, but had so much fun! One of my friends came over for dinner and my Hubby and I stayed up talking to her until 1 am. It was so nice to just talk and drink wine and enjoy music. We planned to see the meteor showers at midnight but unfortunately the sky was cloudy and we did not see a thing.


Today, planning on extra exercise to make up for yesterday, feeling very lazy however…

August 13, 2013


Having a great day, hope that you are too. The photo is a card I received from Hubby, from his last week’s travels to Salt Lake. It is interesting how life works. When we were in Las Vegas couple of months ago we met a couple in a Jacuzzi in our hotel from Salt Lake City. The husband turned out to be someone Tommy is is now doing business with and is likely to become one of his major clients. You never know when and where you will meet someone who will make a meaningful impact on your life, whether on your business, personal or family life. I am hoping that one day, sitting in a Jacuzzi :), I will meet a publisher that will agree to publish my first book that I am working on right now. We will see how that dream pans out…


Have to run to do some errands and get some ingredients for dinner with a friend tonight.


Have a great day!

August 9, 2013


Even more energy today and I am finally starting to see a little bit of change in my definition, I can definitely feel the changes, as far as my energy levels, muscle soreness and just overall good feeling, but so far haven’t seen much before this morning. So much excitement today – had a hair appointment and got a new haircut, cannot wait for Tommy to see it when he gets home tonight, bought him a present for our first wedding anniversary coming up next week and picked up my present from Tommy, he had the jewelers that designed our wedding bands install a diamond into it. He also, being a wonderful Husband he is, had earrings made for me from my Mom and Stepfather’s wedding bands (they are divorced and didn’t want those anymore, so I kept them but didn’t know what to do with them) – LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! And most of all, my Husband, of course! :)


By the way if you live in San Diego and like custom jewelry please check them out, these people are AMAZING and very reasonable and extremely talented - http://www.jewelson5th.com/content/store


Off to cook Tommy one of his and my favorite meals – Salad Olivier – it takes a little while to prepare but its so worth it and I usually make enough for us to eat for a few days. In Russia it’s a very popular salad and my family always had it for New Years, among the multitude of other dishes (each year it was almost like they were trying to see if we could make it to the next year with all that food to digest), so each time I make it has a very festive feeling to it. Here is a link about it with a recipe, but there are a lot of variations - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olivier_salad


No articles until next week.


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy it as much as you possibly can! Pursuit of happiness is your constitutional right as an American so as an American I am going to use it :)


August 8, 2013

More energy today, finally waking up not tired. It is a beautiful day and I am reading more of Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, Dr. Alan Lotvin, David Fisher, Doctor Chopra Says: Medical Facts & Myths Everyone Should Know (Thomas Dunne Books, 2011) and learning how much wrong information we are fed by the media, whether radio, internet or TV. Scary and interesting.


Also discovering, with some degree of annoyance, that not all of natural DIY recipes are good. Take for example moisturizing your wood dinner table with coconut oil, maybe a good idea and does make it shine nicely, but it also makes it incredibly sticky. So sticky that after 4 cleaning sessions I am still sticking to its surface. Very annoying considering that I am using the dinner table as my workstation today.


Hope you are having a great day! 


August 7, 2013


I finally worked out in the morning, instead of night or afternoon. It’s a wonderful feeling. Now, reading about the benefits of coffee and other surprising things this morning while drinking my coffee with biscotti. Will be posting some of the things I am finding later today. I know my Hubby will be very happy to find out that coffee is, after all, good for him.


I am also slow cooking organic chicken breasts and potatoes. Was supposed to have been for dinner with a friend of mine tonight, but it looks like she might not be coming as she is second chairing a trial this morning that will last through the end of the week. In attempt to get rid of some of the beer in the refrigerator left from bday celebration I marinated chicken in it. Will see how that turns out. So far, the smell is so yummy, its starting to make me really hungry..


Hope Everyone is doing great and already had their cup of coffee or two J



August 6, 2013

It is amazing what small meals; large amount of water and exercise can do for your energy levels. I haven’t felt this energetic for a long time. It’s only been a week and two days of me exercising 5 times a week, eating 5 small meals a day and drinking 8+ glasses of water but I can already feel the difference in my energy levels. Today is very different from yesterday and I am enthusiastic to continue. So far I cannot see much of the change in my body composition but the energy alone is enough to inspire me to continue.


My Hubby officially entered the challenge and it is so exciting to be competing with him because no matter who wins it’s a win-win! Love him to pieces J


Tink, poor baby got a little too hot on our midday walk today. It was only about 27 C (80 F) but felt much hotter and despite giving him water twice on our one-hour walk he was very happy to be picked up twice for a minute or two. Now peacefully sleeping next to me as I am typing this. 

August 5, 2013


Practice what you preach. I have been reading, writing and recommending that people get sufficient sleep, because it is an important step to maintaining proper hormonal balance and thus healthy life. But like many others I am very much struggling to go to bed early. Each time 10 p.m. rolls around I am at best starting to get ready to go to bed. Which is fine at night but each morning I am very unhappy for staying up late last night, tired and wanting to sleep more. This is it! I am determined to make it to bed by 10 p.m. tonight and wake up at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. My goal is to start waking up at 6 a.m. as I believe it will allow me to do much more. Although I am not much of a morning person I really like mornings when I get to see them. I LOVE morning walks and the feeling of accomplishment when I have walked, worked out and worked for a few hours before 11:30 a.m. Wish me luck and I wish you the same if you are trying to get to bed early tonight. 

August 4, 2013 


What  a nice and relaxing day! After spending a fun day with friends in their pool all day yesterday and finding out the sex of the hosts' baby, which is still a secret to all those who have missed the party. Today we are relaxing at home. Tommy is testing Tink's ability to withstand squishing, shaking and vigorous petting. Tink fared pretty well, this far, and is still completely and utterly in love with my Husband and so am I. Have a great rest of the weekend Everyone! And thanks for reading!

August 2, 2013


So my Hubby and I have a bet going who will shape up better in 30 days time. I told him I will win with my HIIT workouts but he believes he will take the prize. We haven't yet decided what the prize will be, hmm.. 


I am still hurting from the workout I did 2 days ago. Looking forward to the today's workout. 


Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy outside wherever you are! And see you Monday! 

August 1, 2013. 


I cannot believe it is August! Summer is running through too quick. So in attempts to catch it I decided to write outside today. We will see how it goes with all my reference books but for now, sitting outside in my robe and eating breakfast. Hummingbirds and my parakeets singing to each other. So perfect! 

Tink is begging for food. Nothing new there :) This dog loves bananas more than anything else. Already gave him two pieces in the kitchen but he is asking for more, will I succumb to his begging?  

July 31, 2013


Reorganizing this page today and getting some more content added. Its pretty cold out which makes it so much easier to write inside the office instead of wanting to go outside and play with the pup, who is peacefully dreaming in his little jaguar bed next to the window. 


Hope you are having a great day wherever you are!

July 30, 2013 


Just a few lines today. With this website I have started my new life, new exercise routine, clean eating and a complete transformation. So far I have worked out and ate a good breakfast. Now off to see a friend and take our doggies to the dog beach. Have a wonderful day!! 

Monday, July 29, 2013


Today is a wonderful day, I have finally figured out a way to share my thoughts, research findings, photographs and other interesting things with people - by opening this blog. If you are reading this, welcome! And thank you for joining me. I hope we will have a lot of fun together. 


Organizing this page is taking a little while so please stay tuned for more content coming very soon! 


I must say this is a pretty good way to begin a week. 


I just got this postcard from my Husband. He sends me those from some of the places he goes for work. Last week he was in Oregon. I am yet to visit the state. I have heard it is beautiful and green. One day..

Please share your comments in the guestbook.



I am getting back into the groove of things, enjoying the second trimester and starting to post more recipies and diary entries.

Here is the diary of my pregnancy, its been going really well and we are super excited about meeting our Baby. I am still getting all of the pictures from our European vacation onto my computer and will be continuously uploading them to the travel section. For more pictures, please check out the Facebook and Instagram 





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