Which website is the best for your business?

Hai, a local search engine that uses blockchain technology, has recently introduced an offering that aims to help its users identify their customers in real-time.

The service is called ‘Your Own Self’ (YOS), and the website’s website promises to provide an overview of their personal characteristics and business attributes, in order to help users in identifying their customers.

This will enable users to connect with them.

“With the YOS service, we are offering a new way to connect and build a stronger community for our users,” said Hai CEO and co-founder Sergey Storchak in a blog post.

“By providing more detailed information on users, our users will have an opportunity to understand how they can help us improve.”

Storchachak is also an active member of the community of crypto-enthusiasts in India.

According to a recent interview with The Hindu, he has been active on Twitter and Facebook, and he recently launched a crypto-community website, Crypto-Happiness.

“I’m also actively involved in the crypto-world as a community member,” Stor, who is a regular participant of India’s largest Bitcoin meetup, said.

“For me, I’m the ‘first’ crypto-hacker.

I don’t follow other crypto-ers, I only follow crypto-fans.”

Stor is the founder of Crypto-Life, a new blockchain-based community that aims at fostering the growth of the crypto ecosystem in India, with the aim of helping people connect with each other in a safe and friendly way.

“We believe the community is the only way for people to connect, and the only one that will make crypto-currencies as popular as they are,” he said.

Stor has been actively participating in the Indian crypto-scene since the beginning of 2017.

According, he had recently set up an ICO on November 17, 2017, which raised over $300,000 in seed funding, which will help the company grow its operations.

In April, Stor and cofounder Amit Singhal, the former co-CEO of ecommerce platform Snapdeal, were among the co-founders of Blockchain-Crowd, a non-profit initiative in India aimed at developing blockchain solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

According to Singhal and Stor’s bio on the company’s website, the two have been active in the startup space since 2013, and are currently working to improve the services offered by ecommerce platforms.

“In India, crypto-services are being launched at an increasing pace,” Singhal said.

The two also believe that crypto-service companies are making a huge impact on the country’s economy, and will become the next big trend in the future.

“The blockchain technology is becoming an essential tool for businesses and governments in India,” Singhals co-author and coFounder of the startup said.

The ICO is the first of its kind in India to target the crypto market, as the country is yet to be recognized as a market, and there are no ICOs on the market that are targeting the crypto community.

This is a positive development, according to Singhales co-inventor, and CEO, Amit Singhal.

“India is a young market, but there are so many opportunities,” Singha said.

Singha also believes that the ICO platform will help in bringing crypto into mainstream mainstream Indian businesses.

“The first phase of the project has already raised over Rs 1.2 crore, which is an impressive amount of money,” he explained.

“Our team is working on getting the money raised, and we will use this money to develop and launch our ICO platform.”

The team is currently working on the marketing and distribution of the platform, and is currently planning to launch its first batch of users this month.

“There is a lot of enthusiasm among our users for this platform,” Singhan said.

This has also helped the team grow their presence in the country, which currently stands at over 1,500 users.

Currently, the company is accepting payments in three denominations of Rs 1,000, Rs 500, and Rs 100, with a minimum balance of Rs 500.

The company is also working on expanding its service to offer free online services, which Singha believes will help its user base.

“As soon as we launch the first batch, we will launch our free online service,” Singah said.

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