When India, China and South Africa meet in Beijing: Will the U.S. keep its promise?

New Delhi, India, May 19 (UPI) — India, which is hosting the Group of 20 summit, is the largest source of U.K. imports of manufactured goods, and its exports are also a major source of China’s, the United States and South Korea’s trade, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center.

India’s imports are second only to China’s.

The U.T.C.S., which includes India, Russia and Brazil, also has the largest trade deficit with the U., according to the report.

India and China are the biggest sources of Chinese imports.

The two countries are in a diplomatic standoff over the South China Sea and have also been accused of supporting terrorism.

The report noted that the U.-China trade deficit is the lowest since the U-S.-U.K.-China Trade and Investment Review Act of 2010.

In addition, the report said that the two countries have a bilateral trade surplus of $7.1 billion last year, down from $9.4 billion in 2010.

The $7 billion figure includes the $2.6 billion of goods and services the U to the U of B, which was made available under the Trade and Development Assistance Act.

The trade surplus with India is a result of exports to India from both U.N. and non-U.N.-member countries, as well as imports of agricultural products and technology.

India exports about $4 billion worth of manufactured and agricultural goods to the United Kingdom, $1 billion to France and $1.1 to Germany.

The United States, India and Brazil are the top two sources of China exports to the world, according the report, which said that China’s exports are worth $8.9 billion.

The next largest suppliers of manufactured products are Germany and France, followed by South Korea and Japan.

India also has a trade surplus in services, $4.2 billion, followed closely by China, which has a $2 billion trade surplus.

The Pew Research report said China is also the top buyer of U-K.

goods and $3.2 to $4 million in services.

The researchers said China has the most significant impact on the global economy.

China’s economic impact is driven by its rising share in the global population, which it is projecting to triple in the next 20 years, Pew said.

China is projected to be the world’s biggest economy by 2020, and the U is projected by 2020 to be its largest trading partner.

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