World reacts to report that US killed Pregnan family members – AFP

Pregnant mother of three Pregan sisters says she has been missing since she left for the US in May 2016.

Her daughter was one of the first to go missing after she returned from work in March.

“I was in the airport in Philadelphia, and I was in a car waiting to get on a plane when I heard gunshots and people screaming,” Ms Tawera Preganz says.

“When I went outside, I saw people running away, so I went into my house.”

They said my baby was dead.

“We tried to call her, but they said it was a drug overdose.”

She was a very strong mother and a very good nurse.

“Police found her body on the road in an unmarked car on the way to the hospital.

The family has been left with grief and sadness.”

The fact that she has died, that we have lost the only daughter of our family, it’s a huge loss,” Ms Pregani says.

Ms Preganni’s husband, Zafar, says the family is still trying to piece together what happened.”

What happened to her?

What happened to the baby?

We don’t know,” he says.”[She] left us for a long time, we were very poor, we didn’t have any money, we couldn’t even eat and sleep.


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