4.8 million people in the US will be in the flu-free zone, according to CDC

The number of people in Washington state who are eligible for a free flu vaccine has risen to 4.9 million people, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The rise is the largest ever recorded, according a press release from the CDC.

The state has seen an unusually large number of cases in the past few weeks, and health officials have said it’s possible the flu is linked to the coronavirus.

The CDC’s latest statewide flu vaccination schedule, which is expected to be released on Monday, is set to include 2.2 million doses.

The release of the flu vaccination numbers came as more than half a million people were vaccinated, according for the state’s Department of Health.

There are also more than 1.4 million people vaccinated in other states.

The flu vaccine is the second of its kind in the country and is a component of the CDC’s national flu vaccine schedule, the agency said.

The vaccine is administered to children and adults who have not yet been vaccinated with the existing vaccine.

It is available to anyone over the age of 18, including people who have recently visited the state.

The program is available at no cost.

Anyone who is not eligible for an adult or child flu vaccine can also get the flu vaccine by paying for it at a doctor’s office or health clinic.

Anyone under the age on who is vaccinated must get a full flu shot by a doctor or nurse.

The US Centers for Diseases Control and HIV/AIDS said Monday that the U.S. was on track to reach the 1 million flu-preventable cases milestone by the end of the month.

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