What you need to know about Ballroo’s big jump to the top

By now, most of you have heard about the big jump Ballroo made from fourth-string to starter.

You’ve probably also heard about how Ballroo threw a perfect game and took the No. 2 spot in the AL Cy Young voting.

We’ve also all heard the story of Ballroo making the decision to move to a different position after the season.

So let’s take a look at some of the other factors that may have helped Ballroo get to where he is today, and then discuss what the future may hold.

As a reliever, Ballroo has an excellent track record.

He has pitched in the majors at every level he’s played.

In his two-year career, he has a 2.26 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, and 9.8 K/9.

He threw the most innings in the Majors last year at 4,937.

That was just slightly more than his previous career high of 4,854 innings pitched.

So what does this mean for Ballroo in 2019?

Well, he could end up being the closer in Cleveland next year, as we saw with Zack Wheeler.

If he can put together an above-average season with the rotation, he might be able to be a starter in the big leagues again.

The one thing that he will need to keep an eye on is the rest of the staff.

If Cleveland’s bullpen doesn’t improve in 2019, then Ballroo will need a major boost to help keep the rotation afloat.

The only other reliever on the list to have had a breakout season is Kevin Gregg.

He posted a 2-1 record with a 3.27 ERA in just 13 games with the Blue Jays in 2019.

The right-hander made his first relief appearance on August 8th in a relief appearance with Toronto, allowing one run in 1.1 innings.

The next reliever on this list is Brandon Morrow.

He made his major league debut in 2018 with Toronto and has gone on to post a 4-3 record with 6.1 K/8 in 35 relief appearances.

He is one of the top relievers in the system, and could see a chance to make his big league debut.

If the Blue Jay bullpen improves, he’ll be in the mix for a spot on the 40-man roster.

While it may be hard to believe, the next reliever who could make a big jump is J.A. Happ.

The 23-year-old left-hander has been the starter for the Toronto Blue Jays since they acquired him in a trade from the New York Mets on April 25, 2018.

Since that trade, he hasn’t pitched more than a handful of innings in any game.

Happ has been able to make the most of his minor league opportunity and has been impressive in his time with the Jays.

If there’s any reliever in the rotation that has the potential to be the next starter, it would have to be Happ.

After making the Jays out of spring training, Happ posted a 3-1 mark with a 2,637 ERA, 2.53 WHIP and 10.2 K/10 in 24 games for Toronto in 2019 to help them climb to the World Series.

He also went on to win the AL Pitcher of the Year Award.

If Happ can continue to do this, he should be a good bet for a starting role in the Jays bullpen in 2020.

If not, he can still be a reliever in 2019 if the bullpen is able to improve.

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