How to stop the coronavirus spread to your family

Australia’s coronaviruses are now spreading to more than 30 per cent of people aged 25-64.

But despite Australia’s public health system’s best efforts, the virus is being carried by more people than expected.

The latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that between April and October, more than 100,000 people were infected with coronaviral disease in Australia.

In contrast, the figure for the same period last year was less than a third that.

So why are so many more people being infected than expected?

Researchers at the Australian National University say it’s partly because more people are opting to go for regular health checks instead of having their records checked.

“They are doing regular health visits, so they know that they are safe, and they don’t have any concerns,” Dr Pauline Dampier said.

“People may be thinking that they may be in a more vulnerable population, but we know that it is really a very low-risk population.”

Dr Dampiers research suggests that some people are avoiding routine visits because they are worried about the spread of the virus, but she says this may be more because they know they’re not contagious.

“What we’re seeing is that people are not aware of how serious they are in relation to their infection and the risk of spreading it, and so they are actually opting for regular check-ups,” she said.

The ABC is working with a team of experts to understand how the virus has affected Australians and how they are coping.

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