How to take a selfie at a Natura game

By Mike KrumboltzPublished Mar 10, 2019 07:04AMBALTIMORE (AP) If you’ve never been to a Nats game, you’re probably not going to like what you see.

But for those who have, the Baltimore Ravens are a big reason why.

The Ravens are making their home in the NFL’s newest division and it seems like everyone knows it.

The team is playing at home, the weather is perfect and it is packed with fans.

The players and coaches have all come out to the arena to watch.

The weather is great, and the atmosphere is electric.

The stadium has more than 2,000 seats, including a section for kids who can’t get in to see their favorite players.

Naturas team manager David Flemming says the team’s goal is to bring the fans back to the ballpark.

“This is the second time we’ve done this in a row, so we really wanted to make sure we’re making it happen,” Flemmer said.

He says it’s a lot of work and a lot will depend on the quality of the food and the energy level of the team.

The game begins at 8:30 p.m.

(ET) at FirstEnergy Stadium.

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