Meet the new ‘Selfless’ moms: What they’re like and how they live

When you’re looking for a good fit with a baby, you might look to see which of your fitness-related habits or fitness routines will work best for you.

And in this new edition of the selfless moms series, we’re talking fitness!

The selfless mom with the most fun, fitness-focused friends is Rachel, who was born with Down syndrome.

Rachel has been doing a ton of workouts, but she says it’s mostly just a way to be a little bit more active.

She started a fitness program a few years ago, but it was mainly just for her to get fit.

“I don’t think it was because I’m pregnant,” Rachel says.

“But I definitely wanted to get better at doing yoga.

So I started doing it because I wanted to do something for my baby.”

She also recently added yoga classes to her fitness schedule, and it’s really helped her get into shape.

“It’s kind of become a part of my routine,” Rachel said.

“My baby has always been like a kid on a playground, and I feel like that’s the way he should be and I’m happy to do it.”

Rachel is one of many moms with Down Syndrome who are also active.

Some of the moms in the series include Jennifer, who has a fitness routine that includes yoga, cycling, and walking every day, and Jessica, who also runs and walks on her own.

They all do yoga, yoga, and more yoga, but Jessica is also a runner and has also gotten into CrossFit.

When you consider that it’s possible to be physically active with your baby, the selflessness moms series is perfect.

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