How to honor your pregnancy with a simple, festive app

A week after being named the first pregnant woman in history to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, Kate Hudson has another reason to celebrate: her baby.

In a post on Facebook on Monday, Hudson said she had been overwhelmed with the response to her post, and decided to write an app to celebrate and celebrate with her unborn child.

The app will be available for iOS, Android and the web, Hudson wrote.

Hudson has been one of the world’s most famous and influential women since she was named the United States’ first pregnant and the first woman to win the Nobel Prize.

In addition to the Nobel, she has also been recognized as a pioneer of the arts and science, and is the founder and co-chair of the Hudson Institute.

In the post, she said she is “so grateful for the support of so many people,” and added, “I will continue to strive for a world where every pregnant woman is recognized for her contribution to society and her contribution as a human being.”

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