How to Stop the Russians From Stopping the U.S. From Stooping Them

A few months ago, when it came time to announce our intention to withdraw from NATO, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the decision to do so was based on the need to “make America more secure” rather than because we want to withdraw.

That was the first time in history that the administration had actually said that. 

The Russians will be here in the United States for the next 10 to 15 years and it’s a huge part of their strategy.

We can’t let them keep doing what they’re doing.

We should be working with them, working with NATO.

The United States has been doing that for decades, working closely with NATO and working with Russia.

They’re doing exactly what they’ve been trying to do.

The Russians are going to stay.

They’ll have a place in our economy.

And it’s not just a matter of getting us into a NATO-Russia alliance, but NATO has a strategic role that Russia does not have.

Russia has already established a number of bases in the Baltic States, which is an indication that they’re not interested in leaving NATO, which was always the plan. 

We’re going to have to do more, but this is what we’ve been talking about.

It’s not going to be the end of the world.

Russia is going to keep trying to invade Ukraine, it’s going to continue to try to do the sort of things that it did in Georgia, where it occupied Crimea and moved into the region.

And we’re going not to be able to stop that, either.

So, we have to be prepared.

It is a fact that Russia is doing what it’s doing.

And the United Kingdom is going through the same thing. 

It’s not the end.

We’re going forward.

It will not be the same, but we’re doing it.

In a world where Putin is now in power, NATO and the United Nations are not able to do their job. 

There is a difference between trying to keep Russia from invading and trying to prevent that.

We have to make sure that Russia has the ability to keep attacking.

So NATO has to be ready to take that action if the Russians attack.

That’s the only way we can prevent Russia from having a military base there.

So we’re working closely together.

And we have a lot of allies that have been very supportive.

They have made their position clear that they’ll defend their territory, and we’re looking to make that very clear.

We don’t want to see another Crimea.

The world will be a better place if we have NATO, and I think that’s why the president of the United State has been saying that, and this is something that is going on around the world, that NATO is a good thing for the world and for the United Sates security.

This is the United Nation, and they’re going through this same thing and we should be prepared to do our part to protect ourselves, and to do that, we need to do what is necessary to stop the Russian aggression.

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