‘You have a beautiful puppy’: Owner reveals how she rescued her dog and named him after the Bible

It was a beautiful day for a Florida woman who gave birth to a new baby boy, a new name and her first puppy.

In her first post on Facebook, the mother-of-three, who was named Lily, shared her story and how she named her baby after the Book of Revelation, an epic poem by John Milton that was first published in 1605.

Lily, who is 3 years old, was born on March 1.

The mother-to-be, a single mother, was on a road trip and couldn’t make it to her destination in Florida, so she asked her husband to pick her up at the airport and drive her home.

Lile was born prematurely and was taken to the hospital in Florida.

She was diagnosed with pneumonia, but her baby boy was delivered healthy.

Lilah was born with Down syndrome and was given the name Lily after the Biblical book.

“I just couldn’t stop crying and saying, ‘I love my dog, Lily, and I can’t wait to see her,'” Lily said.

“It was so beautiful and I couldn’t help but smile.

I wanted him to have a name that was unique and wonderful.”

Lily and her mother, who have no children, said they named Lily after “the love and the goodness of God.”

Lile is now named for God’s Word, a word that has become a symbol of hope in Lily’s life.

“Lily is my child,” Lily said, adding, “He is my hope.”

Lilley’s parents, who were married for a year, told the Orlando Sentinel that the couple hopes to name their child after God.

“We want to name him after God,” said Lily’s mother, Krista Pyle, a nurse.

“Lily loves Jesus.

Lily loves God.”

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