How to be a successful businessperson: How to build trust and build relationships

How do you build trust?

And how do you make people feel comfortable in your business?

That’s the question I ask myself all the time when I’m running my own business, and that’s what this article is all about.

If you’re like most people, you probably have lots of questions.

And if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll probably find plenty to answer.

And yes, I have answers to some of these questions.

Let’s start with trust.

Trust is everything in business.

It’s the foundation of success.

It makes your business more sustainable, it makes you more attractive to potential customers and it’s what makes your customers feel safe when they shop at your business.

Trust, or trustworthiness, is also one of the key elements in how a business can attract customers and make money.

So, if you need a business to grow and become successful, the first step is building trust.

In business, you need to understand what makes people trust you.

In this article, I’ll share some of the most important factors that I believe determine trustworthiness in a business.

Let me know what you think.


The business’s culture is in harmony with its values 2.

Your product is unique 3.

Your team is trustworthy 4.

Your employees are trustworthy 5.

Your customers are trustworthy 6.

Your products are highly sought after 7.

You offer a great value for money 8.

You have a unique brand 9.

You’re open to new ideas 10.

Your people are respectful 11.

Your culture is consistent and inclusive 12.

You pay attention to the needs of your customers 13.

Your business’s values are consistent and transparent 14.

You value your employees 15.

Your brand has a solid foundation 16.

You are willing to learn 17.

You respect the business community 18.

Your leadership is respectful 19.

Your employee base is committed to your business 20.

Your company’s culture promotes integrity 21.

You provide a high level of service 22.

You work hard to create a positive and fulfilling work environment 23.

Your reputation for integrity and loyalty is high 24.

You treat your employees with respect 25.

You make the best products and services for your customers 26.

You do the right thing and you’re loyal 27.

You care about your employees 28.

You know your customers well 29.

You take the right approach to managing your business 30.

You want to give back to your community 31.

You understand that your business is important and valuable 32.

You give back in return for your time, attention and money 33.

You share your insights and thoughts with your customers 34.

You show your loyalty to your team 35.

You set high standards for your team 36.

You lead your team to success 37.

You motivate your team 38.

You support your employees 39.

You build trust with your employees 40.

You create an atmosphere of collaboration 41.

You follow the rules and treat your team with respect 42.

You use your resources wisely 43.

You protect your reputation and respect 44.

You trust your customers and employees 45.

You develop a positive business culture 46.

You always take the long view and make the right decisions 47.

You maintain a high standard of service 48.

You deliver a good product and service to your customers 49.

You keep your employees happy and healthy 50.

You meet your deadlines and expectations 51.

You get results 52.

You listen to your employees 53.

You never take anything for granted 54.

You try your best to provide for your employees 55.

You constantly improve your team 56.

You don’t make excuses or excuses to yourself 57.

You let your employees do their jobs 58.

You seek the best outcomes for them 59.

You believe in your employees and your customers 60.

You expect your employees to perform their jobs and treat them with respect 61.

You think your employees are competent and reliable 62.

You accept responsibility for your company’s problems 63.

You recognize the importance of teamwork 64.

You focus on the long-term and long-standing goals 65.

You reward your employees for their hard work 66.

You find the best solutions for your problems 67.

You strive to improve your brand and product 68.

You embrace change 69.

You invest in your team 70.

You stay focused on your mission 71.

You can take pride in your company and its accomplishments 72.

You learn from your mistakes and grow as a company 73.

You appreciate your team and you make it work with you 74.

You hold yourself accountable to your people 75.

You look beyond your own self-interests 76.

You honor your commitment to your company 77.

You celebrate milestones and achievements 78.

You continue to grow your team 79.

You ensure the continued success of your company 80.

You encourage your employees’ creativity 81.

You remain true to yourself and your values 82.

You ask your employees questions and share your ideas with them 83.

You empower your employees 84.

You demand your employees work hard and be professional 85.

You help your team achieve its goals 86.

You welcome your team’s challenges

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