How to fight the fake news craze

A few days ago, we told you how to avoid fake news and the fake media by following the rules.

Today, we’re here to share with you how you can be one of the first to do just that.

The fake news crisis: Why is it going on?

It’s not just a bunch of people in the White House, it’s a movement, it is an attack, and it is a crisis.

The media is the enemy The fake media has been a scourge on American democracy since its inception.

The rise of fake news, the spread of misinformation and propaganda, the rise of a cult of personality around the President, the attacks on the First Amendment rights of those who report on the government and the political process, the constant attacks on journalists and their sources — all of this is part of a larger attack on the very fabric of the United States.

For nearly half a century, fake news has been an insidious force that has sought to undermine American democracy and destroy the country.

And it has done so by spreading lies, fabricating stories and twisting sources to make them look like legitimate sources.

A great deal of the fake information that is circulating on the Internet has originated from fake news sites, often using false information to get clicks.

Many of these sites are owned by big media companies and are known for their influence.

And the most egregious example of fake information has been the spread this week of the false claim that the Clintons had their first child in 1993, which is demonstrably false.

But in fact, the Clintons never had their child in the first place.

It was Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, who actually had his first child at age 22.

And as we’ve noted before, the idea that the first child was ever born in 1993 is patently false.

This week, a story that was posted on a Facebook page dedicated to spreading fake news was quickly picked up by dozens of other sites and then picked up again by many other sites.

The story claimed that Hillary Clinton had her first child on February 22, 1993, and that it was then the Clintons first child.

While we’ve seen that the story is false and the Clintons’ first child never existed, this time it’s far more serious.

The Clinton campaign is already distancing itself from the story, calling it an “untruthful attempt to distort the truth” and “outrageous” and adding that it is “simply not true.”

The Clinton administration, in an attempt to spin the story as a joke, posted the original story on its official Facebook page and then added a new one that made it look as if it was about to be pulled.

But that was a lie.

The original story was taken down by Facebook and the new version was posted.

And by posting the new story on their own pages, Facebook has created the illusion that it has removed the original post from their pages.

It is the media’s fault.

The media, of course, has been part of the problem.

The Clintons’ media operation has often been accused of being a front for the Clintons and other Democrats to peddle their political agenda.

In 2015, the New York Times reported that the Hillary Victory Fund, which supports Hillary Clinton, received nearly $2 million in campaign contributions from a single individual.

And in 2016, the Washington Post reported that The Hill, an organization that is funded by the Clinton Foundation, received $25 million from the Clinton Family Foundation.

In fact, The Hill was founded by former President George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton and is a partisan political operation that was once run by the Bush family.

But it is the Clintons themselves who are to blame.

The campaign and the Clinton family have often relied on the press to spread the falsehoods they tell, often with the support of Democratic Party political leaders and major media outlets.

The press has played a central role in the media-led misinformation campaign against President Donald Trump.

It has been accused by Democrats of using the press as a propaganda tool, of promoting their own political agenda and of creating a “fake news” environment.

And of course it has played the role of being an instrument of the Clinton campaign.

The entire press narrative is based on the idea of “fake” news and “propaganda.”

The press is not a neutral arbiter.

The “fake News” myth was not invented by a Republican media strategist.

The whole idea behind the “fake media” is that the press is a monopoly on truth.

And its goal is to create the impression that there is a free and open debate in the American political system.

In a democracy, the press has the right to say what it thinks.

But the truth is not what the press says.

In America, the government has the power to censor the press.

It can restrict who can publish what.

It is not the role, in fact the primary function, of the press or of the media to tell the truth.

We need a new

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