Yoga and the health industry

Yoga is now the most popular activity for Australian’s over 60s, with more than $3 billion in annual sales and a market worth $18 billion, according to the Yoga Alliance.

The industry’s biggest star is Australian singer-songwriter Sarah Brightman, who is the most well-known practitioner of yoga in the country.

She has sold more than 10 million yoga mats and yoga accessories to date, earning a $1 million-a-year salary and a cool $1.25 million a year in income.

“Yoga is the biggest trend in the world,” said Yoga Alliance CEO, Dr. Peter Williams.

“[It] has the potential to transform health and wellbeing in our society.”

The Yoga Alliance has about 600 members across the country, with a combined membership of almost 5 million people.

They are part of the yoga movement that began in India in the 1960s, and the movement is spreading around the world.

Its goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment for yoga practice and is about supporting and supporting its practitioners.

In Australia, the movement has gained more recognition in recent years.

A new national yoga certification program is now in place, with certified yoga teachers training students in yoga and meditation.

Yoga’s popularity is not limited to Australia.

Many countries, including China, Japan, and Canada, have embraced the movement, and a number of national yoga certifications are currently in place.

Australia is the first country in the Western Hemisphere to have a national yoga program, and has also signed up to an International Yoga Certification (IVC) program.

According to the IVC website, the IVCs aim to provide “the highest level of certification possible for Yoga practitioners worldwide”.

Yogas popularity has also spread to other countries, with India, for example, having its own yoga certification system.

Dr. Williams said there were several reasons for this.

One is the health benefits of yoga.

Most people who participate in yoga do so to improve their physical and mental health.

For example, yoga can help with depression, anxiety, and even anxiety disorders.

Another reason is the lifestyle benefits.

We all need to have healthy lifestyles.

More people are now enjoying yoga and its benefits and we’re seeing a greater uptake of the movement in Australia, Dr Williams said.

It’s important for the yoga community to be part of this movement, because it will help the yoga industry flourish.

This is the second year that the Yoga Industry Association has been a part of Yoga Alliance, and it has continued to be the leader in yoga in Australia. 

The association was established in 2007 to promote and promote the yoga tradition of the Western Australian and Australian yoga tradition.

As well as the yoga and mindfulness movement, it has also been involved in various community-based initiatives including the World Yoga Day and World Yoga Summit.

About the Author Kate Taylor is a freelance writer and yoga instructor.

She is the owner of the blog, The Yoga Industry, and Yoga Matters.

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