When a lawsuit lands in your mailbox: Here’s what you need to know about the lawsuit

MURDER: A judge says it will award more than $1 billion in damages to the families of two men who died after being left for dead in a suburban New Jersey parking lot after being allegedly stalked and raped.

The judge also ordered the New Jersey Department of Transportation to provide a list of all the vehicles in the parking lot that were involved in the alleged assault.

Prosecutors say the two men were raped and left to die in the park.

The victims, identified by law enforcement only as M and W, were found unresponsive on Oct. 30, 2013.

The men had been in a relationship with the woman’s boyfriend.

Prosecutors claim the men were forced into the parking garage by the woman after she threatened to kill them.

Authorities say she left the men at the park for hours and left a note for her husband, telling him to “get out of the way” and telling him he would die if he did not get out of there.

Prosecutors said the men eventually found their way to a motel room in suburban New York.

Prosecutors are also seeking to force the woman to testify against the two accused.

A judge is set to rule on a motion to dismiss the lawsuit next week.

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