A lawsuit against Gawker Media over the death of a journalist has been thrown out, with a judge calling the lawsuit “baseless” and “unfair”

A New York court has dismissed a lawsuit by a Gawker Media employee over the fatal shooting of a reporter.

The judge, Thomas O’Toole, ruled in favor of Gawker Media and the victim, Ben Gabbert, who is also a journalist.

Gabbert died in a shooting outside his apartment in July 2014.

Gabbet was on his way to a live broadcast when a gunman shot him at close range.

Gabbett had been in his apartment building, in the building next door to the Gawker Media building, when the incident happened.

The shooter fled, and police were called.

Gabbetts death sparked the largest online furor in Gawker Media’s history, and it resulted in the company’s firing.

The lawsuit sought a jury trial in the case, and O’Neill ruled that Gabbet’s death was a homicide and that Gabbett’s death “was foreseeable, and not foreseeable in the foreseeable future.”

Gabbet, who was a veteran of the New York Police Department and a longtime contributor to Gawker Media, died at the age of 32.

Gabbes family was outraged at the decision.

“We are pleased with the ruling that Mr. Gabbs family is now free to pursue a civil lawsuit in their state,” the family said in a statement.

Gabbez family attorney Scott Foval said the decision is “deeply disappointing.”

“The family is relieved that the court recognized the facts of this case, as the trial court failed to fully consider the relevant legal issues,” he said.

“This is a very important and long overdue win for the Gabbes, and we look forward to defending it in court.”

Gabbert was an investigative journalist who specialized in breaking news.

He had been working for Gawker since 2004, and had been writing for the site since 2006.

He was also an avid gamer and a big fan of the game Overwatch, according to the New Yorker.

Gabberts father, Scott, also worked for Gawker Media.

The family of Gabbert said in an official statement that the decision “will allow our family to pursue the full legal remedies for Mr. and Mr. Gebbert’s loss.”

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