Organi (the crypto currency exchange) has been taken offline

Organi, the exchange that was one of the first to launch an ICO for ICOs, has announced that it will shut down its service in the coming weeks due to the “recent ransomware attack.”

Organi said in a statement that it was “extremely concerned” about the ransomware attacks and the disruption that the attacks had caused to its users.

Organi is not the first crypto-currency exchange to shut down.

The company announced last month that it would suspend operations in order to protect its users from ransomware attacks.

Organis exchange has not commented on the reason behind the shutdown.

Organi also announced earlier this month that its trading volume will be temporarily reduced by 50 percent due to a “significant” increase in ransomware attacks, which the company says it expects to resolve by the end of the month.

The ransomware attacks in the past few days have been attributed to a group calling itself the “Fancy Bear” that have targeted the Organi exchange.

According to the statement from Organi:This ransomware attack has affected several different platforms including the Organis exchange, the popular cryptocurrency exchange Cryptsy, the crypto-finance site Cryptsy Lite, and the exchange of digital assets on the CryptoNote platform.

The CryptoNote exchange, which is also one of Organi’s largest competitors, also announced on Thursday that it has suspended operations in response to the attacks.

The organization says that it is also in the process of migrating the exchange’s user data to a new server in order for it to recover from the ransomware threat.

Organis will be able to resume operations on January 6.

Organic announced in September that it planned to launch its own cryptocurrency exchange called CryptoNote.

According the announcement, CryptoNote will operate under the name “Organi,” in an effort to create a more decentralized and secure cryptocurrency exchange.

Organs decision to shut its exchange comes at a time when the price of cryptocurrency has been surging.

The price of bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency, has been climbing by around 30 percent per day in recent weeks, making it one of cryptocurrency’s top-performing investments.

Organisto also said on Thursday it has secured a $300,000 investment from a group of investors in an attempt to build a cryptocurrency exchange that could rival Cryptsy.

Organisto’s website stated that it expects the investment to help the company with the transition to its new business model.

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