Trump slams Kavanaugh as ‘disgrace’ for ‘lying’ about accuser

A Donald Trump Jr. tweet Tuesday morning slammed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for lying about his alleged interactions with Christine Blasey Ford and called him “disgraculate” for trying to cover up for the woman.

Trump Jr.’s tweet followed a speech on the Senate floor that featured Ford saying she had an affair with the Supreme Court justice when she was a high school student.

“If he had been truthful about the relationship with me, it would have been completely different,” Ford said.

“He’s lying about that.”

Trump Jr.’tweeted his own account, in which he said Ford was “unfit for public office.”

Trump tweeted the statement was a “disturbing, yet unsurprising” development.

He also called Kavanaugh a “disgusting human being” and a “loser” for not having his “honesty and integrity as a leader tested during his confirmation process.”

Ford’s attorney said Tuesday Kavanaugh is not guilty of any wrongdoing.

“He’s not a liar,” Gloria Allred told reporters.

“There’s nothing he’s not guilty by association with, and that includes sexual assault.”

Allred said Kavanaugh is being targeted because he’s a conservative who voted for Trump.

The hearing began Wednesday with Ford and Kavanaugh sparring over their recollections of their encounters.

Ford accused Kavanaugh of pressuring her into a sexual encounter while she was at a bar in 1991 and later asking her out to dinner at his New York City apartment.

During his testimony, Kavanaugh denied she was ever alone with him, but admitted he “had sex” with her.

As he told the Senate Judiciary Committee, Kavanaugh was in his car, driving to the bar, when he heard the doorbell ring.

He went inside and got the door open, and she was sitting on the couch, he said.

He got up and went to sit on the floor next to her.

She said she asked him what was wrong and he told her he had an appointment.

They had consensual sex that night, Kavanaugh testified.

He said he was at his car when she said she had a drink.

They never had intercourse.

She never reported it to the school, and it never was reported to law enforcement.

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