Which European champions are in danger of losing their titles this season?

Dancing and Organi have been forced to abandon the European Championships in Russia after a series of injuries.

The two teams have been knocked out of the European Championship for the first time since 1988, after suffering two injury setbacks in a row. 

The Czechs were the favourites for the title, but after losing two of their last three matches they have been relegated to the fourth tier of the league. 

Dancing,Organis were beaten by Dinamo Zagreb in their opening game of the tournament. 

Organis have also been forced into a change of coach in their quest to qualify for the Champions League. 

Their players are set to be out for at least another three weeks due to injury, and they will have to wait until December to rejoin the tournament, unless they can secure an escape clause in their contract. 

 Russian president Vladimir Putin has called on European players to work hard in order to get back to the European competition.

“The whole country has been sick and tired of the players’ bad health and the injuries they suffer,” Putin said.

“In our country it is not possible to do the work they do.”

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