Australia’s top 10 happiest countries

Australia is one of the happiest countries in the world.

The country ranks fourth globally for the happiest people and sixth in terms of people who are happy with the way they live.

The happiest people in Australia are the wealthy, while the poorest live in squalid conditions and suffer the most from climate change, according to a new study.

The study by The Happiness Project at Griffith University found Australia has some of the most affluent people in the developed world, with the wealthiest people living in major cities.

Here’s how it breaks down: Top 10 happiest places in Australia: 1.

Sydney, NSW 2.

Melbourne, Victoria 3.

Canberra, ACT 4.

Brisbane, Queensland 5.

Perth, Western Australia 6.

Hobart, Tasmania 7.

Adelaide, South Australia 8.

Hoboken, New Jersey 9.

Brisbane/Perth, New South Wales 10.

Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Cairns/Port Macquarie/SydneySource: The Happiness Foundation, 2018The happiest places across the world are in Australia, which is why the survey included Australia’s largest cities and suburbs.

Here are some of our picks for the 10 happiest cities in Australia.10.

SydneyThe Sydney CBD is a city that is almost as famous for its nightlife as its night-time music.

In 2018, the city was named as Australia’s happiest place, behind only New York and Paris.

The city is home to the Sydney Opera House, where the city’s opera company performs a weekly show, which draws millions of people from all over the world to watch.

Here is how the city ranked in 2018: 10.1 Sydney is a thriving city that has a lot of people, so there are many opportunities to live and work here.

10.2 Sydney is home, for example, to the world famous Sydney Opera Theatre, which attracts over 10 million people a year to watch the nightly performances.

It also has an extensive network of public transport options that allows people to get around the city without the need for a car.

It is a good place to get a start on your life or even if you are a student, you can get a job here, as you can work in Sydney and earn money.10,000 Sydney is one city where people can be happy, regardless of their financial situation.

With the right lifestyle choices, people can live comfortably.

The Sydney CBD has a mix of traditional cafes and bars, which attract a diverse group of people.

Here, there are plenty of activities and places to enjoy a good night out.10 cities that are not only good places to live but also good places for business.8.

PerthThis Australian city is famous for hosting a lot more than just the annual Perth Show and Festival.

It’s also a popular destination for those who want to get away from the city and explore other destinations.

Here in 2018, Perth ranked number 8 on our list of the 10 most popular cities in the country, after New York, Sydney, Sydney/Newark, Melbourne, Sydney Metro and Sydney Airport.8 cities with lots of social and cultural activities and attractions.8+7 cities with a mix, depending on the area.7 cities that have a mix.6 cities with different types of social events and festivals.6+6 cities that offer a mix in terms in terms a place to work or to enjoy leisure activities.6.

MelbourneIn 2018, Melbourne was ranked as the most popular city in Australia with over 1.2 million people living there.

It offers a lot to do, with great sights to see, a unique culture and people that are really friendly and considerate.

Here was the number of people living here in 2018 and the percentage of the population living there: Melbourne, Australia, ranked #1 in the most populated city in the United States.

The Melbourne Metro was the most visited city in 2017.

Here is how Melbourne ranked in 2017: 9.1 Melbourne is the most populous city in Western Australia and the fourth most populous in the Commonwealth.

It boasts of some of Australia’s most iconic attractions and its proximity to many popular destinations.

Melbourne is home of the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the iconic Bondi Beach.8 places that are both very popular and unique.8 people that we think are very important in their respective cities.8 interesting places to visit and enjoy.8 of the top 10 most visited cities in Europe and Asia.8 major cities with diverse populations.8 unique places to explore.8 popular cities for business, tourism and socializing.7.

SydneyThere is a lot going on in Sydney that you can’t really find anywhere else in Australia and there are also a lot different things to do there.

For example, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s longest bridge, and people love to see the famous fireworks displays at the Harbour Bridge every night.

Here we have compiled our picks of the best things to see and do in Sydney in 2018.7 places to check out.7 unique and exciting things to discover

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