How to date a woman with the most attraction

In this video, a woman and her friend meet a guy at a coffee shop and start talking about a date.

The girl gets up to say she has an idea.

He says: ‘No, I can’t date a girl who’s attracted to animals’.

“No, you can’t?” he asks.

“Are you serious?” he replies. “

You’ll have to go to the zoo.”

“Are you serious?” he replies.

“‘You’ll get in a tiger battle?’

You’ll get out of it with one of those.

She asks him: “What’s the attraction?” “

No,” he says, grinning.

She asks him: “What’s the attraction?”

“Oh, animals,” he replies, “I can go with a wolf or a hyena or a bear.

But if I’m looking for someone who’s a little bit more adventurous, I’m going to go with the tiger.”

In this video.

Me and Meghan, Meghan’s girlfriend and her cat Me, in front of a wall of photos of cats.

Source Al Jazeera News

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